Car Gadgets And Accessories In 2014

A lot of considerations are often made before buying a car like a stunning interior, striking exterior and other accompanying accessories. This however turns out to be a mirage after leaving the showroom if the right accessories are not used. The accessories greatly enhance the driving experience of your car. Here below are some of the must have car gadgets and accessories for your ride.

Floor mats: Floor mats are very critical in enhancing the interior outlook of the car. The mats are also critical in reducing the rate of soiling the car interior. Make sure to carefully select the mats so that they perfectly match with other interiors and are of personal preference. Do not forget to also carefully select a material that is easy to clean since they are washed frequently compared to the vehicle itself.

Car covers: The car’s finish is generally subject to a lot of pollution. Dust, solar rays, bird pop, moisture, and even wind can easily damage the car finish. Whether the car is being stored indoors or outdoors, the finish is at risk of getting damaged or even attracting bad odours. A car cover is very important because it protects the vehicle from these pollutants and consequently makes every ride lovely and enjoyable. It should also protect the resale value if should you be upgrading your car one day.

Universal mobile holder: A universal car mobile holder is very important when driving. When you are on the steering wheel, you need to concentrate in order to arrive safely. When the mobile phone is in the pocket, seeing who is calling and deciding to pick it right away or not might be distractive. However, a mobile holder keeps the phone in position so that the driver can see who is ringing immediately. Remember it is always advisable to pull aside when receiving or making calls.

Car seat neck cushion: Driving safely requires the driver to take an appropriate position on the seat. A car seat neck cushion helps in giving a driver appropriate posture especially when travelling for long distances or very fast. Because the accessory is used on the seats, it is important to select a matching material that is easy to clean. Good suggestions include designer cushions made from leather covers.

Vacuum cleaner with poppy scent: When you are driving for long distances, the car can only be described as a mini-home. During such journeys, dust, moisture, food and other smells easily fill the car and make it very uncomfortable. The car vacuum cleaner allows the owner to easily clean all parts of the car including the hidden edges and corners. The fresh and mesmerising fragrance will make your stay lovely and truly enjoyable.

Universal car chargers: A driver on the steering wheel should always understand that vehicles are machines that abruptly breakdown. This can prompt you taking longer on the road or even spending a night out. Because of these unprecedented situations, universal car chargers are important because they store a lot of power and can be used to recharge mobile phones and even spotlights. This will assist you to seek assistance after recharging the mobile phone or getting light from the spotlight in order to diagnose possible problems under the bonnet.

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